Dear Staff and Patrons,

    The spring months are now upon us. And with the spring comes state testing.

    Public schools in Washington State are required by law to administer state tests to students in grades 3-11.  The tests include ELA (reading), math and science.  Individual schools and students are expected to meet state standard with a test of 3 or 4.  Failure to meet standard by any school in any tested subject will cause the school to be monitored by the state and in some cases, placed in “Priority” or “Focus” status.  With this designation come additional state financial resources and increased accountability and scrutiny.  Currently, Hoquiam Middle School is in “Focus” and Central Elementary School has a “Priority” designation due to low scores in ONE sub set of students.

    Students who are tested in high school must meet standard to graduate with a high school diploma or they must pass in other options. One option, rather than passing the state test, is to take and pass Advanced Placement class in English and/or Math.  Of course, students are required to meet other graduation requirements in addition to passing the state exam.  Passing classes with twenty-two credits is required of all Hoquiam High School graduates.  This will soon change to twenty-four credits in years to come.

    It can be a stressful time for students as they get ready for state testing.  What can a parent do to help? Talk to your student, reassure them and encourage them to do the best they can.  A parent/guardian can help by ensuring the student has access to a nutritious breakfast and lunch.  The research is clear that a student who is well fed will be a better student and more attentive while in school. It is advised that students attend classes when tests are scheduled.  A parent is encouraged to avoid doctor or dental appointments during state testing. An appointment after school is encouraged.

    In just a few months new Hoquiam School Superintendent Dr. Miquel Villareal will take up an office at 305 Simpson Avenue.  He is anxious to begin his work in Hoquiam. He and his family will relocate to the area early this summer.

    I want to thank each of you for the support you’ve shown me as school Superintendent these past eleven years.  The experiences I’ve had, good and less than good, have become part of who I am. 

    I leave knowing that the Hoquiam community is truly a special place.


    M Parker