April 1, 2020


    Dear Students, Parents, and Community-


    Our community, state, nation and world is grappling with a healthcare crisis that hasn't been seen in over a hundred years.  Through all of this, the Hoquiam School District staff are deeply concerned for the welfare of every child and family in Hoquiam.  As such, we are all doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Governor Inslee ordered school to close through April 24, education must continue.

    Our approach to fulfilling this need will be based on compassion, communication, and common sense.  We hope to support the creation of new routines that will assist students' learning and emotional well-being.

    We have an obligation to find ways to connect with all of our students and engage them in continuous learning. 

     As we move forward, we will keep students at the center of our work.  We will develop a schedule for students that balances time to think, work, and rest.  We will partner with you on these efforts and keep you informed.

    Our methods of communication and continuous learning may include phone calls, emails, printed materials and Google phone calls.  Each student and family has a unique circumstance and we will constantly review and refine how we engage our students.

    We are facing an uprecedented challenge full of uncertainty.  We are trying to new things to support our community and we are learning from each other.  I'm sure we won't get everything right and you will feel frustrated at times.  This is a stressful situation, but you are not alone. We're are all in this together.




    Dr. Mike A. Villarreal






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