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    February 25, 2015

    Long Range Facility Planning Committee Vision Statement – Draft #2


    Hoquiam School District’s independent spirit is a reflection of a long standing community tradition of making do with limited resources while maximizing the generosity and potential of all.  As a result, the Hoquiam School District has consistently been recognized for its aggressive approach to facility maintenance, accessing and benefitting from quality energy efficient opportunities, and acquiring cutting edge technology through creative and innovative means.  By consistently supporting levy and bond measures for over forty years, the community is not only validating their confidence in the District and is certain a model of good stewardship will be an ongoing commitment.  It is with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for such a solid partnership between school and community, each possessing mutual interests for what is best for students as well as pride in ownership, that this Vision Statement is offered.  It is to be used to guide and filter future facility related recommendations for years to come.

    Safe Secure Healthy

    There is no more urgent need in today’s public school setting than to take deliberate steps to create and maintain safe and secure environments for students, staff, community, and visitors.  Because we believe our schools belong to the community, innovative approaches to balancing accessibility while maintaining security will be a priority.  On parallel with a commitment to safe and secure schools is the acknowledgement that high efficiency buildings, when maintained and operated as designed, support a healthy teaching and learning environments essential to sustaining student achievement.

    Flexible Adaptable Equitable

    Just as instructional practices and educational programming are ever changing to meet the needs of our 21st Century learners, we believe our schools must be designed to reflect a level of adaptability that will support flexible teaching and learning spaces for all students regardless of program needs.  No longer do we want rigid building designs to hamper implementation of innovative programs, evolving technology, or modified learning opportunities.  Student space consideration will also include an appreciation and support for student socialization areas designed for age appropriate activities.

    Sustainable Efficient Welcoming

    As good stewards of our community’s schools over the years we are committed to cost effective quality designs, equipment, and materials that extend the life of our buildings.  Life expectancy of our schools should be for fifty years, at a minimum.  Doors to our schools are open to our public as they are the property of the community and should be accessible for a variety of community use activities when not occupied by district programs.  We want visiting our schools to be a welcoming experience given interaction with staff, with well-kept and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, and functional spaces to support community interests.