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    Athletics: Participation in athletics throughout the school year provides you the opportunity to compete with other schools. Sports Physicals, sports release form, parent consent and ASB cards are required to participate in any and all sports. Physicals are good for 24 months.

    ASB Fee - $10


    7th /8th grade:

    August – October                                Football, Co-ed Cross Country, Girls’ Soccer

    October – December                           Girls’ Basketball and Wrestling

    January – February                             Boys’ Basketball

    March-April                                        Girls’ Volleyball

    May – June                                         Coed Track and Field


    Knowledge Bowl:                                   January – March

    Parent consent and ASB Cards are required to participate in Knowledge Bowl

    6th Grade Basketball is tenatively planned to start in the Fall of 2017.  Stay tuned for more information



     Co-Curricular activities include all sports, ASB, Knowledge Bowl and any other team and or group activity run through HMS. The following criteria are in place for students who participate in extra curricular activities:


    1. All participants must maintain a 2.0 GPA (C average) with NO F’s
    2. All participants must maintain satisfactory classroom/ school behavior and have no office referrals (Step 4)
    3. Students who are suspended (ISS or OSS) will not be eligible for practice or games.

     Failure to maintain the above:

    Students who have failed to maintain grade standards will be placed on academic probation. Grades will be checked every Thursday and coaches will be notified on Friday. Probation will take effect for students the following Monday.   If a student has a failing grade on the day of grade checks, the student will be impacted until the next official grade check is completed.

    Probation Steps:

    First Week: Failure to maintain grade or behavior standards will result in the student attending

    Study Table Wednesday starting at 1:15pm. The time begins when the student athlete begins working. Minimum time to attend is 30 minutes but could last up to 90 minutes. Non-attendance will affect ability to attend games. Students must work on schoolwork during study table. Appropriate participation will allow them to participate in that week’s game. Failure to attend study table will result in ineligibility for that weeks games.

    Second and Successive Weeks: Failing to maintain grade or behavior standards at any time following the probation week will render that student ineligible to participate in inter-school competition or ASB activities. During such a period of ineligibility, athletes are expected to attend practices and home games. Students who are ineligible to play due to academics will not be permitted to travel to away games or participate in home games. The student is still expected to attend study table as stated above and make adequate progress towards improving their grades.

     Students who have an F at any grade check during the season, regardless of their cumulative GPA, will automatically be in a probationary status. Any student who earns ISS or OSS will be ineligible to participate in any district activities on the days they are suspended.

    Attendance and Participation in Extra-Curricular activities including sports –

    Students in athletics or school activities, such as music concerts or drama productions, shall be in attendance at school for the entire school day to be eligible to turn out for practice or participate on that day. Medical or dental appointments need a note from the doctor’s office. Family emergencies can be excused through administration.

    Code of Conduct


    1. Possession or use of tobacco in any form, including e-cigs (with or without tobacco), is not permitted.
    2. Being in the proximity of, under the influence or in possession of any type of alcoholic beverage and/or controlled substances is not permitted.

    Proximity: Having knowledge that said substance are present and not leaving

    1. Any pictures, videos, electronic proof that student has been smoking/drinking or using may be used as proof.


    Violations of these rules will be handled as follows:

    First Violation: Game or activity removal for 50% of the season. If there is less than 50% of the season, the remaining time will be taken from the next activity. It will involve extra running as well. A drug assessment is required for reinstatement to the activity if you are in violation of RULE 2.

    Second Violation: Removal for the remainder of the year or until the student is regularly attending drug and alcohol counseling. 

    Third Violation: Removal for the remainder of the year.

    These rules are in effect and enforceable 24 hours a day, On-Campus and Off-Campus, In Season and Out-of-Season from the time you sign the Clearance/Consent Form until the end of the school year.

     The following guidelines are also expected:

    1. Be on time. The coach, activities coordinator or athletic director must excuse all absences from practice. If you are present at school during the day and cannot attend, it must be excused prior to that practice or activity.
    2. You are expected to maintain your classroom grades and abide by all school and classroom policies.
    3. Display good sportsmanship and conduct at all times.
    4. You are expected to be well groomed for all activities.
    5. You will return from all away activities on the team bus unless you have written permission from your parents. Permission to ride with someone other than a parent must be approved prior to the trip by an administrator.


    This information is also included on pages 15-17 of the HMS Student Handbook (2017-18)

Last Modified on September 15, 2017