Mission: Hoquiam School District will provide a high quality education for all, tailored to the unique
abilities of each student to ensure their successful life pursuits.
Vision: All children are capable of success, no exceptions!
District Goals:
1. Academic Excellence. Ensure students are creative and accountable learners, combining high
expectations with demonstrated growth, leveraging a 21 st century curriculum that is individually
challenging and relevant. Hire and retain engaged teachers, providing them with the training
and tools necessary to inspire student success.
2. Career Readiness. Link career exploration-- through events, communication, partnerships with
the community, mentoring and district resources-- with the knowledge, skills and attitude to
excel in post-secondary opportunities.
3. District Culture. Foster a welcoming district culture that emphasizes accountability and mutual
respect, with a focus on school safety, healthy lifestyles, communication and a positive learning
4. Early Learning. Establish a firm educational foundation by ensuring kindergarten readiness and
successful K-3 transitions, utilizing proactive assessment and early interventions.
5. Facilities. Update district facilities for the learning of the 21 st Century student while maintaining
all facilities to serve students, staff, and the community safely, effectively and efficiently.
6. Family & Community Engagement. Encourage family and community participation and support
by promoting inclusive partnerships, employing proactive communication through varied media.
7. Life Skills. Equip graduates with the financial, social, and technological skills necessary to
succeed in a competitive and changing world.