HMS gathers for assemblies for three purposes: to celebrate, to learn, and to play.

MSP Assembly
Assemblies fun and some are serious like the bullying assembly we just had. It was very inspirational we had a lot of guest speakers for this touchy subject. We have a lot of assemblies such as ones for like spirit week, Martin Luther King JR., Bullying, food ball, and Drug awareness.

Drug Awareness Assembly

   We had a guest speaker named Bob he was a paraplegic who only had one arm and no legs, but he made jokes to break the ice. For one of the jokes since he was handicapped he had a cap on his head that said "Handy" on it, and he said it was his handy-cap. He was very funny.
   He told about how drugs and alcohol affected his life. He had gotten in a car crash one night, because he had drank alcohol earlier that night, he crashed into a power line. He hit one of his arms and both of his legs on the power line across the road. When he got to the hospital he had to get his right arm and both legs amputated.

Self-harm Awareness Assembly 

   In the assembly we had lots of guest speakers especially some of our very own HMS staff they told about their experiences with bullies and how bad bullying affects people.


When we do our spirit week assemblies we do really fun things such as playing volley ball with our advisories and playing extreme soccer.At Hoquiam Middle school we have assemblies once a month.  
  • Fun Assemblies 
  • Drug Awareness  
  • Self Harm Awareness
  • Academic Assemblies
  • Rally Around The Rails